Meet Jax: The 4 Year Old Who Loves to Play

Jax HansonLittle Jax loves cars, trucks, dinosaurs, cartoons, and was an avid visitor of Family Wellness, specifically the drop in Childcare with his mom Brook. Early this summer the childcare staff noticed that Jax hadn’t been in, and through his Caring Bridge site found out why.

Doctors at Sanford discovered a non cancerous tumor on his brain stem. After a plane ride to Minneapolis, 4 year old Jax has spent 10 weeks in the hospital and had numerous surgeries, including one that resulted in an induced coma for 8 days with brain swelling and a feeding tube. After a long summer, Jax is finally back home.

Jax in the HospitalHis rehabilitation will take up to 12 months, as Jax needs to relearn all of his motor skills through visits with occupational and physical therapists 3 times a week. He will also need to have quarterly MRI’s to see if what’s left of the tumor has started to grow again. If it does, then he will have to undergo chemotherapy. His parents are optimistic however, as his MRI last week showed no signs of growth and recovery is going well!

Jax in the Family Wellness Childcare

Jax is back!

Throughout his hospitalization and treatment, Jax asked if he could go “play at the gym.” We’re pleased to report that Jax is back, and excited to play on the indoor play structure in Childcare. We are so excited to have him back running and playing, and wish Jax and his family a speedy recovery into winter and beyond!

If you would like to make a contribution to help Jax and his family, please stop in any Gate City Bank branch and reference the “Jax Hanson Benefit Fund” or visit his CaringBridge page at